Another shot at the big bad TECH

Right then lets give this blog thing one last chance.

going to try and take it to a level beyond talking in my head and making this thing  into something, oh I don’t know meaning full? Maybe I’ll start putting my art on this thing? Maybe I’ll just be another DIY Mum? Maybe I’ll just make up stories and a life so crazy and awesome everyone will wish they were me, and then…. I’ll get a book deal, and a movie….and a big ass house with a pool boy. A pool boy who will bring me endless drinks that are loaded with ridiculous fruit and you need two hands to hold it up. This pool boy will wear linen pants that reach to mid calf, and he shall be forbidden to wear a shirt that covers his rippling muscles. I shall call him …. oh who cares what his name is as long as he is hot!

Ya I wish hehehe well maybe.

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Interweb, interconnect, data, data, data

Oh holy day I have internet again! It has been 15 days since I was last able to access the world wide web by use of my lap top. hurray for smartphones. Ok not entirely true I had one day in there. In that one day I was able to upload my very first youtube video. I know it’s not that good. I had to record it with my phone off netflix, but I wanted to add the small section to a powerpoint presentation and I could not figure out any other way. In the end I have the crappiest version of everything on my computer and no matter how many, how to, videos I failed at adding the clip. I even tried that clipgrab site, but alas no dice. I was, however, sucessful at adding photos from photopin, so not a total loss. Even the permanent roomate was at a loss with my um “door stop” aka computer. One day; one day I will make you work for me and do my every bidding.

Anywho on to the sad news. My Google hangout was again postponed. Next week some time,not sure exactly when, but I’ll make it happen even if it’s next moth dag nabit I will Google hangout with these kids!!! I am really excited to do this and I hope that we can do it again next year. I don’t care if this part doesn’t make it into my class grading I’m still going to do it and I want to keep it up with my lovely teacher lady Diana Williams, because she is a cool lady! Any teacher who does fun stuff is all right in my books.( I did not have many cool teachers when I was a kid.) I suppose I should say what we are going to do hey? hahaha

photo credit: Ken Mist via photopin cc

photo credit: Ken Mist via photopin cc

We are going to learn the different parts of an air plane and how they work. Once we do that the kids are going to use office supplies to design and build their own planes that they can launch and see if they fly. This lesson will be based  on the air plane competition that I created at BCIT in 2009. It still goes on to this day and was introduced into the Marine campus too! so cool. Ok now this is the best part……They are going to go to the actual hangar at BCIT and get a tour and see all the planes and helicopters and see where I went to school. Talk about sweet follow up. I’m hoping I can sweet talk the teachers there into letting the kids toss their planes from the second floor balcony. Hey the older kids get to why not right? 😉

Well after this the hang out I’ll let you know if it all goes down in flames or up in smoke….kidding, I’m sure it will be awesome, but I will share anyway.


photo credit: Alaskan Dude via photopin cc

photo credit: Alaskan Dude via photopin cc


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A Beautiful Day

Gooooood morning! It I an absolutely beautiful day today in my neighborhood, so this morning, since the permanent roomate, little chef and I are living with my sister on her 1 bed apartment we made her breakfast.

Who says that vegans don’t eat tasty food?

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Daily create

Ok I know that It’s not a third and different way of story telling, but I take my hours of being able to operate when I can get them. I think my short and very grammatically skewed letter to the editor is cute so too bad! i like my line about the mother haha. click here for a short and goofy read.

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I have located some hours!

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The old house is packed and clean and now I have one less huge and humungus stress on my shoulders. Homeless for 2 weeks, but that means less cleaning ah ha.

I have found some hours in the day now to work on the things pertaining to the ECMP 355 class. Yay I am a firm believer in it’s never to late to learn new things. I just learned what not to download and how to get rid of it. haha Why must I insist on doing things the hard way? Because, silly lots of people learn by doing. At least I have enough common sense to not stick my head under a tank track. eep!

So I am super stoked to be doing a Google Hangout with the kids On Wednesday. I am going to teach them about wings and how they work. I knew my former life with airplanes would be worth 4 years of my life some day LOL. Now how to not get carried away and confuse the crap out of them tee hee. I tried to use clip grab and the other save… something er other to see if I could snag a clip from Rio where the Parrot has Christmas landing lights set up and is repeating Lift, Thrust, drag, Weight….Wait and he crashes, but that is when I did some not so good stuff to my computer. Awesome movie for anyone not cool enough to have watched it. Well I guess I will give myself points for ambition.

moving on….I will tell them about those properties Lift, drag, blah blah and Centre of gravity, but I’m going to need some props. hmmm Ideas? I was thinking CG is good with a sword but who has one of those lying around? I’m not much of a LARPer. I guess I will have to use a ruler. I’ll do the blow on the top of the paper thing, but that so been done. ugh tried to you tube and google interesting experiments that might simplify, but I guess I’ll just have to figure something out. Kid’s brains are like sponges I’m sure they will get a lot more than I think. Once they get it I’m going to get them to break into groups and build a flying machine. oh ya future designers and engineers!

Oh hey enthusiasm where have you been the last few weeks? This is why I wanted to be a teacher, so that I can make stuff fun. I am an overgrown 6 year old and proud of it!

I will now commence upon a quest for gummy bears, because they are delicious!

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Attempting PADLET

Ok so for the tech task from the March 10 session I really wanted to try, but I could not get it to work, so this is my next goal because I think I would use this a lot with what I want to do in a class. Instead I went with Padlet and I actually took a picture of me in my jammies trying to get caught up and figure out this stuff. I only played with it for a few seconds because I need sleep. I am however looking forward to playing around with it more to make it look better. Not sure how I will be able to use it, but I guess time will tell. I also can’t remember how to embed. I should have explained it better for myself in my previous post, now I have to try and use my brain.

[padlet key=’6hv1s6swfa’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

so this is my explanation for next time I forget how to embed. This page had a section that allows you to embed and all I did was copy and paste. I had posted the new post already and went back to edit, not sure if I have to do this or if I can do it off the hop, but I’m in the visual section of the editing. hopefully I did this right.

Ah ha there is another box under where the embed code is. I have this habit of not reading all the way through before I start things. This is a habit I must break. Ok so if you embed from padlet while using wordpress you have to download  some sort of ‘shortcode’ plugin. I have done so I think and pasted the short code. here goes again. time to see if this works.

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Another dailycreate

I don’t like that with flikr I had to use Yahoo. I have not used my old yahoo e-mail in like 100 years so a lot of fixing and reenstating had to happen. I don’t know how I managed to do it but I uploaded a picture. unfortunatly I had to text if to my BF and he had to send it to my e-mail, then I had to jump through a bunch of hoops. man I hope all this stuff sorts it’s self out for me and gets easier. This is the link of my dailycreate #2 I had to put up a picture of a face in an everyday place. Well I did tag it and it doesn’t show up in the search. Oh well I’ll try again later

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